Job Role

c# or .NET Developer

Tech Industry

Main Purpose of Role:

As a Software Developer you will integrate applications into our platform for customers. Ensuring they function fully and speak to customer systems and our platform, for instance by API or SFTP. You will be involved in the design, development, testing, deployment and maintenance of applications and services. You will enable the business to deliver mission-critical communications solutions for end user customers.



  • Write code in appropriate languages, principally C# or .NET.
  • Design the architecture of new application components and achieve internal sign off for development specifications where required.
  • Develop back-end applications and features to meet customer/project requirements.
  • Use the company’s chosen methodology/process eg Agile.
  • Thoroughly test new features or developments to make sure they perform desired tasks correctly. Also testing sites and applications in different environments, as necessary.
  • Work with Quality Assurance teams/processes to validate builds and ensuring they are ready for launch.
  • Launch development projects.
  • Ensure all change processes are followed.
  • Ensure appropriate documentation/updates are provided to relevant colleagues/customers.

Maintenance & improvement

  • Problem solve and fix bugs as discovered/reported.
  • Perform ongoing maintenance and/or upgrade of the platform as required, following internal change procedures.
  • Review colleagues’ code and work as required prior to changes.
  • Build and maintain databases when relevant.
  • Share ideas and work on projects for improving applications, process or the wider platform.
  • Review projects/deployments and learn lessons to improve future performance.
  • Design and pilot prototype applications where required.
  • Stay up to date with trends and technological advancements in web development. Learn and test new technologies, frameworks and languages as relevant.