Support your transitioning staff with an outplacement service


Monday December 7, 2020

David Clements

Making employees redundant is a last resort for most businesses. But, with the ongoing economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the furlough scheme, which has helped so many companies retain their workforce, coming to an end, more companies than ever before are facing the devastating prospect of having to make redundancies.

The process can be incredibly daunting, particularly for smaller organisations who might never have had to let staff go before. Losing your valued employees in these circumstances is never comfortable, whether they’ve been with the organisation for many years, or they were recent starters with ambitions for growth within the company. So it’s not surprising that many business owners and HR managers feel incredibly guilty for making redundancies, and feel a strong moral obligation to support their outgoing staff and give them the best possible chance of securing a new role. 

But you don’t have to support your people through this alone, there is help out there. 

An outplacement service provider can help you to guide your transitioning employees through the redundancy process, ensuring you can do the best you possibly can for them during what is an understandably difficult time. Giving them expert advice and guidance, as well as practical tools and resources that will help them succeed in the job market, your staff will be in the best position as they search for new roles.  

And an outplacement service is not only beneficial for the employees leaving an organisation, but also for the business itself. 

Due to the emotive nature of redundancies, the process can lead to ill-feeling amongst exiting employees, even resulting in complaints and legal action. Showing your staff that you genuinely care about their future and want them to have the best possible chance of securing a new role can be incredibly worthwhile. Let’s face it, it’s also the right thing to do.

Offering this service will also help maintain your business reputation, both amongst external stakeholders such as your customers and suppliers, and your remaining employees. And the last thing you need in the current climate is a tarnished reputation. 

Skilled and experienced recruitment consultants specialising in your particular sector are perfectly placed to provide an outplacement service. They know the market inside out, and understand what employers are looking for in new recruits. They are also highly experienced when it comes to coaching candidates.

Employees might use a recruitment consultant to help them find a new job once they have left the organisation, so why not offer them a similar service before they leave? 

A recruitment service helps people at the start of the employment cycle, while an outplacement service supports them at the end of that cycle. The skills required are very much interchangeable, with a similar set of services being provided, just tailored to different stages of the cycle. Recruiters work with candidates to build a career plan, optimise their CV and LinkedIn profile, and prepare for interviews – these services are just as valuable for individuals leaving your organisation. 

If you’re a Director, HR manager, or business owner entering a redundancy consultation, it’s well worth considering offering an outplacement service to your transitioning employees. This will not only provide them with the skills, tools, and confidence they need to secure their next role in what is an incredibly challenging market, but it will also help protect your reputation and maintain positive relationships with your remaining employees. 

To find out more about the benefits of an outplacement service for your organisation, download our special report.

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