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Wednesday April 15, 2020

Don Robertson

Times are tough with Covid-19 impacting on all aspects of our lives but Comoro’s working with clients and candidates to help them overcome the challenges.

In these unprecedented times, we know that many businesses are up against it. Most are trying make it through the next few (hopefully) weeks and then pick up the momentum post Covid-19 lock down.

However, there are some pockets of good news. Those supplying Telecommunications, Datacentre and IT infrastructure have seen an instantaneous upturn in their order books.

The bandwidth demand generated by Video Conferencing, Voice, Messaging, and Secure Remote Access has increased significantly. On top of this you have significant increase in VoD and streaming services for entertainment at home.

To ensure that Telecoms and Datacentre’s meet demand a functioning supply chain is essential. Covid-19 implications impact at each stage; from supply of raw materials to manufacturing to logistics and finally the provisioning and commissioning of services. People are at the core of the chain and so there are still opportunities for those that have the technical and commercial experience.

Despite the lock down, we see that companies are now changing operating models to ensure they survive now and thrive later. This may require additional digital and technical roles to support these new models.

Comoro has been impacted but we continue to support clients even if their recruitment needs are dormant. We also continue to build relationships with candidates ready for when the shackles are removed. Our aim remains the same……to get great people into great businesses.

So, if you are looking for your next career move or finding great candidates for your business then drop me a line: [email protected] 

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